UNTOLD: Intergenerational cultural knowledge transfer

category: SHEBANG& programme meeting performance workshop
date: Thu 21 Mar 24

How can different parties grow together and use the power of diversity for the development of our children? During this event we zoom in on intercultural and intergenerational pass-on. What do we know about this and how can we apply this knowledge in practice?

With a opening speech by Vayhishta Miskin (member of the executive board of the Municipality of Amsterdam Stadsdeel Zuidoost) and in collaboration with organisation Sabi Yu Rutu and Untold. With a workshop on intergenerational and intercultural knowledge transfer to children of Glenn Helberg and Kitlyn Tjin a Djie. Closing with snacks and drinks and a performance by Black Harmony.

This event is for parents and educators of children in Zuidoost. Are you a professional who works with children? You are also cordially invited. Come together with a parent/guardian.

Register via: info@untold.nl