The art and practice of experiencing/Becoming our space_02

category: meeting performance
date: Fri 17 Nov 23
time: 19:30 – 22:00
location: SHEBANG Amsterdam

The second meeting of Issue 4 by guest curator Glenn Helberg will take place on November 17.

The centre of this session are the stories of the Indigenous people and the Maroons. The stories of how enslaved Africans arrive in South America. The meeting with the original population, who lived in relationship with each other and with the land. A situation where land was not property, but part of a spiritual realisation. With the arrival of the coloniser, people and land were made property. During this evening we will explore the meeting of these groups and the role that divide and conquer plays in their stories with Angila Albitrouw, Leander Vermaning, Dwayne Toemere and Josè Tojo.

In collaboration with: Alydia Wever, Fré Calmes, Raul Balai and Kimberley Smit.