The art and practice of experiencing/Becoming our space_01

category: performance meeting
date: Thu 12 Oct 23
time: 19:00 – 22:00
location: Hettenheuvelweg 8

On October 12 the first event of Issue 4 will take place, by guest curator Glenn Helberg.

The first gathering centres around the story of Africans as human traffickers. This story is frequently deployed when it comes to responsibility and reparations for the past of slavery. By invitation of guest curator Glenn Helberg, speakers Zawdie Sandvliet and Babah Tarawally, and performers Cherella Gessel and Ayaovi Kokousse, thematise this story through a divide and conquer lens. In this session we contrasted the story of the left-behind African and the enslaved African.

In collaboration with: Alydia Wever, Fré Calmes, Raul Balai and Kimberley Smit.