Network includes everyone SHEBANG feels connected to, collaborates or converses with, nearby or afar.

  • Richard Kofi

    Artist and curator Richard Kofi creates interdisciplinary art projects with a futuristic approach in relation to spirituality, heritage and history. Collaboration and co-creation are an important part of his practice.

  • Priya Swamy

    Priya is curator of Globalization at the Tropenmuseum and was closely involved as a guest in Issue 1 curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Museumnacht Amsterdam

    Stichting Museumnacht Amsterdam was founded to connect young people from Amsterdam to the museums in their city. SHEBANG was part of their program with Issue 1 curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Tropenmuseum
    Location, partner

    The Tropenmuseum is a museum about world cultures, located in a national monument located on the Oosterpark, in the heart of Amsterdam East, and dates from 1926. SHEBANG was a guest in the Tropenmuseum during Museum Night Amsterdam. Richard Kofi hosted multidisciplinary event The Black (W)hole there, part of Issue 1.

  • Adama Delphine Fawundu

    Adama Delphine Fawundu is a photographer, performer and visual artist who highlights knowledge of older generations from the African diaspora. She zooms in on identity, connection and community. And reminds us that African rituals, customs and knowledge of care, healing and intimacy play a major role in hip-hop culture in the diaspora.

  • Lisette van den Berg

    Lisette is an anthropologist, curator and advisor in shared heritage, art and the colonial present. Lisette is part of our creative and cultural network in Amsterdam South East and was a guest at the 'Gentrification Talk' of Issue I curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Rohan Ayinde

    Rohan Ayinde is an interdisciplinary artist and poet, and interweaves a multitude of disciplines in his work. He uses physical phenomena such as black holes as a metaphor for radical interventions that he considers necessary to protect Black Lives in the diaspora.

  • Malique Mohamud (The Niteshop)

    Malique is a researcher, designer and hip-hop futurist. The Niteshop is a research center for the Street/the Neighbourhood/the Culture, where people think about the city of the future. Malique participated in the online research conversation 'Researching the Sauce' with the curator and artists of Issue 1.

  • Bagua Jody (Arte.Gia)

    Bagua Jody is a visual artist and creative director and designer of jewelry label Arte.Gia. Jody was a guest at the 'Gentrification Talk' of Issue I curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Mina Mineli

    Mina is a dancer, dance teacher and artist. She has performed a number of times as a dancer during Issue 1 curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Marion Visser (Bijlmer Parktheater)

    Marion is Youth Programmer Bijlmer Parktheater, Head of Education & Talent Development. She is also a gifted photographer and is involved in theater photography, street photography and portrait photography. Marion captured part of Issue 1.

  • Les Adu

    Les is a self-taught photographer from Amsterdam South East. Not only is he a popular player in the creative and cultural sector of South East, he also guides children and young people as a coach, using photography to stimulate them and develop themselves.

  • Poetronic

    The duo Poetronic is formed by Smita James and Ci Seryne. Spoken word artist Smita recites her poems to the electronic music of producer Ci Seryne. Poetronic is known for their striking videos. Poetronic performed during SHEBANG's program on Museumnacht Amsterdam in the Tropenmuseum, part of Issue 1 curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Jamahl Richters (Zagwe)
    Builder, designer

    Jamahl is a furniture maker/designer, born and raised in South-East Amsterdam, and the founder of ZAGWE Interior Designs, with which he initiates independent projects and works for the cultural sector. Jamahl built the exhibit design for Issue 1 at our first location in Prospect Eleven.

  • Poernima Gobardhan

    As a maker, Poernima Gobardhan is interested in creating a world in which the body is not only used to project or depict meaning, but where the body itself contains this meaning. Her work is about the experience - she strives for a deep emotional state that goes beyond thinking.

  • Djuwa Mroivili

    Djuwa Mroivili is a Comorian-Dutch pianist and activist. In her musical practice she questions the classical music tradition. For several years now, she has been researching forgotten black composers and regularly performs their work. Djuwa repeatedly collaborated with artist Poernima Gobardhan, during and around Issue I curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Smita James

    With Moving through Radical Space, an installation and soundscape about the role of snorders in Amsterdam South East, Smita James tells a story about everyday Blackness in the Bijlmer. About the rhythm, flow and pace of the district and how gentrification disrupts it. Smita works as a poetic designer under the name SJPoet.

  • DJ Jayfree

    Jeffrey Ahenkan is an artist, DJ and MC. He was the regular DJ at our first location in Prospect Eleven and provided the music several times during our events and meetings.

  • Chef Mekyle

    Mekyle is a creative entrepreneur who grew up in Amsterdam South East. He serves culture through food and art. Mekyle provided the vegan snacks during one of our events at Prospect Eleven.

  • Desta Deekman

    Desta Deekman is a innovative choreographer and energetic dancer specialised in a wide range of African dance styles. However, Deekman is also developing as a ritualist and is gathering more and more knowledge and skills regarding the spiritual use of herbs and plants. In her work she connects spirituality, dance and nature.

  • Levison Gijsbertha

    Levison Gijsbertha is a brand strategist and visual designer. He specialises in translating visions into reality; with a focus on branding and identity. He is also the initiator of Sociƫteit H, a community center for adults in the H buurt. Levison designed the SHEBANG logo.

  • Peter Dautzenberg

    Peter Dautzenberg is an architect, interior designer, urban planning teacher and Bijlmer resident. Peter was a participant in the 'Gentrification Talk' of Issue I curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Wouter Pocorni

    Wouter Pocorni is an architect, urbanist and researcher. Wouter was a participant in the 'Gentrification Talk' of Issue I curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Ben Minnema (Heesterveld Creative Community)

    Ben Minnema programs and produces events for cultural institutions and festivals. As a passionate project leader, he gets complex projects off the ground and builds lasting connections between art & culture, young people and the world.

  • Heesterveld Creative Community

    The Heesterveld Creative Community Foundation was established to stimulate and facilitate creativity, collaboration and cultural entrepreneurship in the Heesterveld area. Consisting of a group of creative residents from various disciplines, the breeding ground focuses on contributing to the living environment in the neighbourhood and the city.

  • Angelique Hoogmoed (OBA Next)

    Angelique is community manager at OBA Next Zuidoost and was a guest at the 'Gentrification Talk' of Issue I curated by Richard Kofi.

  • Angelo Bromet (Prospect Eleven)

    Angelo Bromet is co-founder of Prospect Eleven and Programmers & Talent developer at the Melkweg Amsterdam. Angelo is a driving force for creative and cultural entrepreneurship in Amsterdam South East and beyond.

  • Prospect Eleven
    Location, partner

    Prospect Eleven was our first location. It offered young entrepreneurs and creatives a structural place where they can work on themselves and allowed starting entrepreneurs to grow by giving them more visibility. The temporary building near Bullewijk metro station was designed to encourage meetings, to work together and to inspire each other. In addition to daily users, it was also an attractive place for stakeholders, such as professionals from the cultural sector, civil servants working with diversity/inclusion issues and project/area developers.

  • Bijlmer Parktheater

    In the Bijlmer Parktheater, new stories are developed, new makers can develop artistically and the audience feels at home. The theater challenges visitors, participants, artists and makers to imagine the future together. The Bijlmer Parktheater is one of the initiators of SHEBANG.

  • CBK Zuidoost

    CBK Zuidoost is a presentation institution that brings intercultural, present-day visual art to people in an accessible way, including exhibitions, an art library, education programs and an artist-in-residency program. The institution has been active in the Bijlmer for more than 30 years. CBK Zuidoost is one of the initiators of SHEBANG.

  • Imagine IC

    Imagine IC is a conversation place about heritage in Amsterdam South East. With participatory heritage work, Imagine IC wants to discuss and improve current social relations. She then shares her expertise to work on a democratic heritage methodology. Imagine IC is one of the initiators of SHEBANG.